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Cinematography Highlights Reel (2016)

Alexander Finden Cinamatography Highlights Reel. Original Music by Lonely Sea Productions.

 This is a Highlights Reel by director Alexander Finden Featuring underwater, topside, & time lapse  footage taken in Hawaii, California, & Malapascua. All footage is available for license in 4K on or directly through Alex at:



Stonefly, a documentary by Alexander Finden. Original Music by Lonely Sea Productions.

Stonefly was directed by Alexander Finden & won the award for "Best Cinematography" while screening at DOC NYC. The film was produced in under 120 hours for the Fusion Project Earth Doc Challenge through the Audience Awards. To read what the Audience Awards had to say about the award win, check out their article on the top three films published.

Dive One


Dive One, a documentary by Alexander Finden. Original Music by Lonely Sea Productions.

"Dive One" by director Alexander Finden is a love story about a diver &  the sea. At just under 4 minutes, this short film follows the journey of emotions exhibited by a first-time SCUBA diver. Nervousness, excitement, panic, fear, awe, & love, are all feelings that evolve over time to music as the narrator Michele Venlee tells her story.

Warm Feet


Warm Feet is a short film Directed by Ali Nidzgorski. A young girl sees lava approaching on the ground in the waiting room of a doctor's office, so she prepares for the worst. The gentleman sitting nearby believes it is all in her imagination… at first. This is a quirky film is based off of what we imagine vs. what’s true. 

For more about Ali & her films click here:

StarCraft Mockup


Starcraft II Advert "Demonstrational purposes only". Original music & sound design by Lonely Sea Productions.

This is a quick mockup we did for a free Class on Sound Design & Composition in San Diego C.A. It's strictly for demonstrative & educational purposes. All music & sound design was created here in the studio. From monsters & explosions to sweeping dramatic scores, or even just a quick intro or closing stinger we can be your one-stop studio.



Privet is a band based out of California. Founding members Sean G. Walsh & William Hagan IV wrote, self-recorded 4 albums & performed countless venues with several different lineups of supporting musicians in the time of the band's operation. Privet combines complex rhythms with haunting melodies, often presented in unconventional song structures. 

Toni The Triangle


Toni the Triangle is a fantasy-based drama that follows Toni, a triangular-shaped girl, as she desperately tries to fit into a society made up entirely of squares.. This is a quirky film is based on being different & the lengths we go in order to fit in. 

For more about Ali & her films click here:

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