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From sweeping orchestral scores to ultra modern hybrid creations, Lonely Sea Productions provides film producers with whatever style or emotion they might require to enhance their 

creative vision.

When working with a director or producer, we find a great way of doing things is to arrange an initial meeting via phone or Skype so we can get to know a bit about you & to find out exactly what kind of music you envision providing the background to your project, including any role model scores/styles you have in mind. 

Once we have seen a screening, we can set up a spotting session so we can go through the media scene by scene & we will ask you exactly what kind of emotion you want to create in any of the scenes that you feel music might enhance. We can also provide stylistic suggestions for you drawing on our deep knowledge of music for visual media arts. We are happy to work with or without the aid of existing temp scores, so just let us know your preferred workflow.

After this initial spotting session is complete we will sketch out ideas for main themes & the credits based on what has already been discussed. Once you are happy with these, scoring will begin in earnest, with regular updates for you to listen to & critique. 

We want to make sure you get exactly the flavor of music you want for your visuals in any style you wish. If you prefer working in a different way, just let us know your preferred method & that’s how we’ll do it! Your happiness & comfortability with the process is our top priority.

Once scoring is complete & you are happy, we’ll provide you with the complete stems for mixing, or we can mix & master the project until you have the final product you're looking for. 

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