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Sweet Sexy Ocean (2013)
Sweet, Sexy Ocean. An original film by Alexander Finden.

Sweet, Sexy Ocean is a documentary by director Alexander Finden about a Sea Urchin diver (Peter Halmay). The film focuses on conservation, food, & Mr. Halmay’s unusual life & 

personality. Sean G. Walsh composed original music for the film with Will Hagan, producing an ethereal, dreamy soundtrack appropriate to the topic and footage. They worked closely with the director to accentuate the ocean theme, particularly during underwater shots. There was also a digital EP release of the soundtrack.

Eternity The Movie (2014)
Eternity The Movie, an original movie by Ian Thorp & Eric Staley.

Eternity: The Movie is a feature film directed by Ian Thorpe & produced by Eric Staley. It tells the story of two hapless musicians searching for love & pop stardom, while skewering 1980s style and culture. Sean G. Walsh worked with a partner, Will Hagan (credited as Privet) on sound design, foley, & short sections of music. They dubbed in guitar & saxophone (the main characters’ instruments of choice) & matched them visually to the scenes.

Kuwan. An original film by Alexander Finden.

Kuwan is a documentary film featuring the wild spaces of Northern Arizona, directed by Alexander Finden. It features original music by Sean G. Walsh & Will Hagan, credited under the moniker, Privet. They collaborated with composer David Koerner, mixing sounds & effects with traditional string 


Kuwan contains no dialogue or narration, relying on music to complement & enhance the visuals of Arizona’s natural beauty.

The Other Side
The Other Side, a documentary by Joe McGovern. Original Music & Dialogue recorded by Lonely Sea Productions.

The Other Side is the product of a trip around the country Joe, the director of the film, took with his dog Charlie. Joe had a hunch that how angry we are at each other politically is caused, at least in part, by a lack of understanding. To see if he was right, Joe sold his car, bought an old van, took a break from pursuing the acting thing in Los Angeles & travelled around the US interviewing conservatives, trying to understand “the other side.” The Other Side: A Liberal Democrat Explores Conservative America is the product of that journey.

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